Your words



Why you translate?

Customers, who do not speak your language, never read any promotional content or documents written in your language. Such customers never introduce your products and services. So, you have to translate... probably that is how you consider translation.

But such a negative mindset hindersyour success in business.

Translation is...


Yes, this is the main reason.

Namely, translation should be part of your global promotional strategy.To deploy your products and services in your country, you must have formulated promotional and web design strategies, produced attractive copy, and sometimes hired professionals. With these investments, you have created greater credibility and visibility of your company.

Translation must be included in such essential activities.Japan is a totally different market.Off-target investments never bring success.

Unprofessional workruins everything.

"It is easy. Just change the language into Japanese, right? That’s it. Anyone can do."

Isn't that how you think?

You can easily find websites and content with unnatural copy, expressions that give the wrong impression in Japanese, literally replaced, and with layout disruption.Weird expressions make Japanese consumers feel strange, making your products and services look cheap. They feel that your products are like imitations and produced by a knock-off manufacturer in a country other than your own. Unprofessional work produces nothing at all, no matter how glorious your products are and no matter how novel your product development concept is.

No same quality.

Not every translator or language service firm offers the same price for the same quality.You have various options, ranging from relatively cheap translators to expensive firms. Thus, a low-budget project could move you to look for quite “price-attractive” partners with an unknown background.

Don't go cheap,

or are you going to devalue yourself?

You cannot aim for high quality with cheap service.

Failing to set aside a sufficient amount in your budget will make the entire schedule tight. There will be no room for doing careful work. In contrast, well-experienced professional translators do not accept such projects because they are creative enough to be capable of handling words and phrases, which require more time and cost. This is true with professional writers and novelists.

Select the best,

stay competitive.

What about your corporate website?

Can your customers and potential customers view your page at the best?

Do your words really capture their hearts?

Translation dignifies you.

Words define your company.

"OUR SERVICE" is ...

#1 Translation + Creative Writing

“Transcreation” is what we offer as professionals.Words are impersonal. Although conveying the same meaning, some sentences may easily soak into your mind, while others may fail to be processed in the same way. A slight difference in an expression can strike a chord with many readers or on the other hand might irritate them. The same can be true with novels and other similar material.

#2 right through to the heart

Not all so-called linguists or novelists are professionals. Professional writers have great knowledge about selecting the best expression to reach and move the hearts and minds of readers. Only those who are moved to act incline their ears to you and decide to introduce your service.

#3 by professional word handlers,

For more than two decades, we have been active in this field helping a wide variety of non-Japanese companies to become successful with their businesses in Japan.AI-based machine translation has recently captured people’s attention. But customers are humans, not robots. Humanness is the key to reach the hearts and minds of human. By using our non-AI sensibility and creativity, our partners create words and expressions that can resonate with what customers really feel.

... and isall for YOUR long-lasting trust and sales.

The ultimate goal of translation is to brand your company and to boost your sales. Translation is not a mere task of replacing or changing words.We are always ready to help you obtain long-lasting trust from many customers who offer continuous support for your company.

We, TPJ, are ...

a select few linguist team, with top quality for top clients,

Our active team is made up of 11 in-house translators along with about 80 well-selected freelance experts.Each of them has their own specialized areas of expertise, such as law, marketing, copywriting, semiconductors, construction, tourism, and IT with IoT. Our proud professional team consists of members with different talents and skills.

backed up by 32-year history & works,

TPJ was founded in 1989. For 32 years, by providing language-related services, we have supported a wide variety of companies, firms, and organizations so that they could gain credibility and improve their business in Japan.Living in an ever-changing world amid technological advancement and changes in many aspects, we continue to commit ourselves to create a better world by communicating the value of our precious domestic and global clients for the next three decades.

targeting for all generations,

The average age of our core members is 37 as of April 2020.Based on younger translators, other well-balanced and experienced word handlers actively engage in many creative projects, while trying to observe the world in the same way as ordinary people at various age layers of society look at the world where they live.TPJ fully leverages its own strength, through proactive communication, workshops, and active feedback. Team members also have great respect one another. In this way they spark open communication and easily share their own perspectives and knowledge. The most effective words and phrases to express what you want to say can be created because all of our members have an eye on every generation.

proposing the best TAILORED translation,

There is only one copy that can sell and maximize your sales.We propose translations, only for you, by tailoring your own unique technologies and knowledge including the characteristics and trends of the industry.Do you target men or women?20s or 40s?Office workers or business owners?IT-savvy or non-IT-savvy?We weave words and copy so that your image captures the hearts and minds of potential customers in the market.

... and YOUR designated language consultants,

To each of our clients, an in-house professional translator is assigned as the designated language consultant.This system helps us integrate and manage various kinds of information including each client’s own technology, product knowledge, and updates that take place periodically. Doing so, we offer total support not only on the surface such as terminology and product names, but also for branding of our clients through language.

tailoring translation to YOUR needs.

This is what we call “professional translation service.”